LaCouture Hockey takes great pride in partnering with Town Hockey Programs from Learn to Play Hockey to Midget teams, to help players improve many aspects of their skills by learning proper fundamentals and technical skills to make them an overall better skater by customizing all aspects of Skills Training.  Teaching players to become a better skater will help improve their performance in game situations as well the overall level of play of each team in your program from advance players to beginners because each player develops at different stages in their development.

We strongly believe that proper fundamentals of skills development will help improve systems that coaches run for each team.  Systems are important, but being able to properly skate, shoot and passing the puck will improve on those systems and will overall help the teams success of development.

At LaCouture Hockey, we want to help and support everyone one of your coaches in your program with skills specific drills that they can continue to use in their everyday practices that combines skill development on half ice surfaces as well as full ice sheets.

At LaCouture Hockey, we also have a very experience staff of coaches that can help you implement systems, flow drills and battle drills that are like game like situations so each player is challenged in practice as they would be in a game. 

We work with programs to understand and customize programs to maximize development for all players in your program because they're different level of skill development at at each age group from learn to play hockey up to Midget hockey.

We strongly believe that a player and teams biggest success is how much a player and team improve from the beginning of the season to the end of the year.